What to do When Lost in the Woods at TuckUnder

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TuckUnder Projects is pleased to announce the exterior installation Melissa Borman/What to Do When Lost in the Woods. What to Do When Lost in the Woods is a three-part installation of text, large-scale photographs and found branches. The installation uses the familiar theme of being lost in the woods to point to the shifts and slippages that occur when information from the tangible realm of printed text is processed through digital media. The work is inspired by and utilizes text copied from a scanned U.S. Forest Service flier originally published in 1946. The practical, yet surprisingly poetic flier advises hikers on how to survive when lost in the woods. The work exploits the tension between the words themselves and the way in which they are displayed- drawing attention to the distinctions between the textual and the visual. The fragmented text is recontextualized and repositioned within the material world as advice for navigating a constructed copse of contemporary anxieties. Juxtaposed with excessively enlarged, digitally altered photographs of crows in treetops, the work challenges our ability to navigate physical space, distorted images and written instructions.


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